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 Preface (2nd Edition)

 Contents (2nd Edition)


Chapter 0 :  A Tutorial Introduction to Maple

Chapter 1 :   Differential Equations of a Restricted Three Body Problem

Chapter 2 :  Planar Systems

Chapter 3 :  Interacting Species

Chapter 4  :  Limit Cycles

Chapter 5 :  Hamiltonian Systems, Lyapunov Functions, and Stability

Chapter 6 :  Bifurcation Theory

Chapter 7 :  Three-Dimensional Autonomous Systems and Chaos

Chapter 8 :  Poincare Maps and Nonautonomous Systems in the Plane

Chapter 9 :  Local and Global Bifuractions

Chapter 10 :  The Second Part of Hilbert's Sixteenth Problem

Chapter 11 :   Linear Discrete Dynamical Systems

Chapter 12 :   Nonlinear Discrete Dynamical Systems

Chapter 13 :  Complex Iterative Maps

Chapter 14 :   Electromagnetic Waves and Bistable Optical Resonators

Chapter15  :  Fractals and Multifractals   

Chapter 16 :  Chaos Control and Synchronization

Chapter 17  : Neural Networks

Chapter 18 :  Simulation

Chapter 19:   Examination-Type Questions; MMU Exam 1; MMU Exam 2

Chapter 20:   Solutions to Exercises


Maple Program Index                     


There are many more MAPLE commands and programs to be found at the MAPLE web-site .

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