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BB 65 (Jan 89) Experimenters board. Part 6. VIA's Timers.
BB 66 (Feb. 89) Experimenters board. Part 7. DC motor control, on/off.
BB 67 (March 89) Experimenters board. Part 8. DC motor control, speed.
BB 68 (April 89) Experimenters board. Part 9. Audio waveform synthesiser.
BB 69 (May 89) Experimenters board. Part 10. Natural sound generator.
BB 70 (June 89) Use mercury switches to turn body movement into computer control.
BB 71 (July 89) Magic Wand Use LEDs to wave words out of thin air.
BB 72 (Aug. 89) Cooling Fan Solve your overheating problems.
BB 73 (Sept. 89) Using a Maplin temperature monitor.
BB 74 (Oct. 89) Extra I/O on the User Port using the serial shift register.
BB 75 (Nov. 89) Whistle control. One man and his dog game.
BB 76 (December 89) Experimenters board. Part 11. Making an A/D converter.

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