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BB 34 (Jan. 86) Sound Sampler Part 1 the hardware + Stutter software.
BB 35 (Feb. 86) Sound Sampler Part 2 Real time effects software.
BB 36 (March 86) Sound Sampler Part 3 Sampled sound playback software.
BB 37 (April 86) How to use pressure transducers.
BB 38 (June 86) All about non contact switches.
BB 39 (July 86) Use AMX mouse software with Atari and Marconi track balls.
BB 40 (Aug. 86) Radiation Monitor Geiger counter.
BB 41 (Sept. 86) Automatic logic Karnot maps.
BB 42 (Oct. 86) Weather Vane wind direction.
BB 43 (Nov. 86) Fun with Foam, experiments with conducting foam.
BB 44 (Dec. 86) Hygrometer measurement of relative humidity.
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